Sage Thread Thrifts

I like to think that I have always had an eye for fashion. I pay very close attention to detail, in not only what I wear, but what others wear as well. Close enough attention where a women’s hair elastic on her wrist can ruin the entire outfit for me. With that being said, it is a given that I find great joy in putting together that perfect outfit, and or shopping for the next best thing for my wardrobe. My wallet is only so big unfortunately, so I normally go the thrifting route instead. Which brings us to our topic of discussion today.

Sage Thread Thrifts. A thrift shop. But not your average thrift shop. A thrift shop that not only do I own, but a thrift shop that I own with my best friend. What could be better than owning, and co running a business with your partner in crime? Nothing. There is nothing better. Moving on.

I met Lauren, my best friend, in 2014 after I was hired at Starbucks. A coworker of ours was having a get together, and this brought Lauren and I together for the first time. She was leaving the store I got hired at, to live in Boston. She lived in Boston for a year or so, and moved back to Maine where a mutual friend of ours set us up on a “friend date”. This mutual friend of ours thought that we had such similar personalities, and taste in everything, that she knew we would immediately become best friends. She was right. I cannot thank her enough. That was the beginning. Now 4 years later, we’re inseparable. She was even the maid of honor in my wedding this past September. She is the olive to my dirty martini. The grease to my lightning. The Beets to my Dwight.

So four years later, not only did I make a lifelong friend, but I have found someone that is just as passionate about fashion, and thrifting as I am. Us realizing this, we sat down and created a plan to open an online thrift shop, via Instagram. We put our heads together to create the name Sage Thread Thrifts.

We sell everything for women, ranging from clothes, accessories, to shoes. We are still currently developing our men’s inventory to broaden our thrift selection for everyone. Just a week after posting our first “top picks”, we’ve been very successful, and very fortunate to have had the business, and support that we’ve received. Again I cannot express my gratitude for being that girl that’s lucky enough to work beside her best friend, doing what we love, but doing pretty okay at it.

This blog post is dedicated to everyone that has supported Lauren and I with our latest chapter in life. We hope to continue, grow, and have you all there along with us.

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